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State of Maine Trying to Ban all Flavored Nicotine Juice

1st Feb 2020

LD2052 – An Act To Enact Restrictions on Electronic Smoking Devices and New Tobacco Products

On Wednesday, February 5th at 9:00AM the Maine Senate will host a public hearing on whether they should pass a bill in which would essentially “prohibit selling, furnishing, giving away or offering to sell, furnish or give away electronic smoking devices and nicotine liquid.”

There is a catch however, if the “United States Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration approves the used of electronic smoking devices as an evidence-based tobacco cessation strategy” then the State of Maine will reintroduce the sale of E-Cigarettes and E-Liquid, but with new regulations. If I can get be real honest here, it’s pretty apparent that the government tends to drag their feet, so this “temporary ban” would most likely end up being a permanent one.

One must ask themselves, “Why is the State of Maine trying so hard to extinguish vaping?” Could it be because the State of Maine raked in $1,016,828,228 (that’s billion) in payments by big tobacco from the Master Settlement Agreement of 1998?[1] and vaping (according to the U.K) proves to reduce tobacco usage among adults?[2]

Just recently the WHO (World Health Organization) just received harsh criticism for a “misleading” statement they published regarding e-cigarettes and vaping. U.K health experts, have said “not only is [the] new WHO vape report misleading, it’s factually incorrect on every single level.” [3]

If you cherish your right to vape as an ADULT, please attend the public hearing this Wednesday, February 5th at 9:00AM at the Cross Building in Augusta, room 209. Let the individuals who work for us, know how you truly feel about the matter.